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About Doctor Dr. Yashna Bawa

Nutritionist & Dietitian

Welcome to Dietitian Yashna’s Diet & Lifestyle Clinic, a dedicated destination offering comprehensive health and personalized diet management programs. Under the guidance of a highly qualified and certified Clinical Dietitian Yashna, an Assistant Professor, and the Founder of  our clinic is committed to assist and cater to clients and patients worldwide in managing various lifestyle disorders and achieving their health and wellness objectives. Dietitian Yashna commenced her career as an Assistant Dietitian at Medanta-The Medicity in Gurugram, gaining valuable experience. She further expanded her expertise by working at Indus International Hospital in Mohali and as a Nutrition Coach on an online platform with HealthifyMe. With a wealth of experience, she now imparts her knowledge and expertise as an Assistant Professor, shaping the next generation of dietitians in the modern era of healthy living.

Our Programs


Unlock a Healthier You With Experienced Suggestions and Customized Diet Plans for PCOD/PCOS

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Empowering Thyroid Health
With Expert Consultation
and Personalized
Diet Plans

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Nurturing New Beginnings With Specialized Counsel and Personalized Diet Plans for Pregnancy

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Skin & Hair

Get Radiant Inside Out With Expert Advice and
Personalized Diet Plans for Skin and Hair

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Managing Diabetes with
Expert Guidance & Personalized Diet Plans for a
Healthier Life

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Embracing Motherhood
with Expert Care &
Empowering Post-Partum Well-being

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Kids Nourishment

Empowering Growing
Champions With Expert
Counsel and Nourishing Diet Plans for Kids

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Weight Management

Empowering Your Weight
Journey With Proficient
Tips and Tailored
Diet Plans

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Why You Should Use Our
Nutrition Services

Comprehensive Expertise

With Dual background as a doctor and nutritionist, you will receive the best counselling on a well-rounded approach to health and nutrition

Choose Personalized Nutrition Plans

A tailor made personalized nutrition will be offered to you and diet plans as per needs, health conditions, and preferences of an individual.

Holistic Health Approach

We prioritize your holistic health, considering both diet and medical conditions for overall well-being.

Experience in Prominent Healthcare Institutions

The exposure to diverse clinical settings enhances the ability to cater to a wide range of your needs

Successful Track Record

A proven track record of achieving positive outcomes for being a trusted and reliable nutrition professional.

Dedication to Education and Mentorship

The passion for teaching underscores the commitment to promoting a healthier society.

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Awards and Achievements

What Client Says

Thanks to Dietitian Yashna’s Diet Clinic, my health and lifestyle have undergone a remarkable transformation. Her personalized diet plan and valuable advice have helped me manage my diabetes effectively, and I feel more energized and healthier than ever before

M. Kritika Nahaal

Dietitian Yashna’s holistic approach to health, backed by her medical and nutritional expertise, makes her the best in the field. Thanks to her guidance, I am now successfully managing my Weight and feeling more confident in my body

Mr. Vishav Chopra

I was struggling with post-pregnancy weight gain, but Dietitian Yashna’s expertise has been a game-changer. Her comprehensive health program and customized diet plan have not only helped me shed the extra weight but also boosted my overall well-being

Ms. Ria Gupta


Why You Should Choose Our
Nutrition Services

Our mission is to provide good health for everybody.