About Doctor Dr. Yashna Bawa

Nutritionist & Dietitian


Dietitian Yashna is a highly qualified and certified professional, holding the titles of Clinical Dietitian, Assistant Professor, Nutritionist, and Founder of Dietitian Yashna’s Diet Clinic. Her clinic is renowned for providing comprehensive health solutions and personalized diet management programs to clients worldwide.

Her career commenced as an Assistant Dietitian at Medanta-The Medicity in Gurugram, a prestigious institution where she gained invaluable experience. Subsequently, she further refined her expertise while working at Indus International Hospital in Mohali and serving as a Nutrition Coach on Healthifyme’s esteemed online platform.

Armed with substantial knowledge and skills, Dietitian Yashna made the conscious decision to contribute to the education and development of budding dietitians as an Assistant Professor. Through this role, she endeavors to empower the future generation of healthcare professionals to promote a healthier lifestyle in the modern world.

Bachelor of Science
(Home Science)

2010-2013: Dietitian Yashna pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Home Science, laying the foundation for her career in the field of nutrition and healthcare.

Master of Science
(Dietetics & Nutrition)

2013-2015: She continued her academic journey with a Master’s degree in Dietetics & Nutrition, specializing in this vital area of health science.

Trainee at National Dairy Research Institute (Karnal)

2014: As a trainee at the prestigious National Dairy Research Institute, Dietitian Yashna gained hands-on experience and exposure to cutting-edge research in the field.

Intern at Dayanand Medical College & Hospital

2015: Her internship at Dayanand Medical College & Hospital provided her with practical training and insights into real-world clinical nutrition practices.

Asst. Dietician at Medanta

The Medicity, Gurugram (Haryana) – 2015-2017: Starting her professional journey, Dietitian Yashna worked as an Assistant Dietician at Medanta – The Medicity, a leading healthcare institution, refining her skills and expertise.

Dietician & Head of Department at Indus International Hospital, Mohali ,

2017-2019: Her role as a Dietician & Head of Department at Indus International Hospital allowed her to take on leadership responsibilities, managing the dietary department and contributing to the hospital’s wellness programs.

Diet Consultant at Healthifyme

As a Diet Consultant with Healthifyme, she extended her reach, providing expert nutritional guidance to clients through this renowned online platform.

Asst. Professor at Sanatan Dharma College, Ambala Cantt

2019-present: Dietitian Yashna embraced the role of an Assistant Professor, sharing her knowledge and nurturing the next generation of dietitians at Sanatan Dharma College.

Ph.D. (Home Science)

2020-present: Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Home Science, she remains committed to advancing her knowledge and contributing to research in her field.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

2022-2023: Adding to her repertoire of skills, Dietitian Yashna pursued a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, widening her scope in promoting overall wellness from an early age


Diverse Expertise

The comprehensive knowledge of wide-ranging expertise in Home Science, Dietetics & Nutrition, and Early Childhood Education allows her to offer well-rounded and personalized nutrition plans for clients of all ages and health conditions.


Proven Professional Journey

The track record of professional journey, which includes significant roles as an Assistant Dietician, Head of Department, and Diet Consultant demonstrates her practical experience and successful outcomes in the field of nutrition.


Academic Excellence

The commitment to academic excellence with her pursuit of a Ph.D. compels everyone to trust her advice and guidance, knowing that it is backed by the latest research and evidence-based practices in the field of nutrition.


Personalized Approach to Wellness

With her focus on promoting health and wellness through a comprehensive approach, and individualized attention sets her services apart, inspiring confidence in potential clients seeking expert nutritional advice.



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